I'm a young girl, still a student. I study law, actually. I don't know if it's the right field for me but I just can't give up anything I've started. Often times, it's hard to conciliate my passions with my studies, seems like they are too frivolous. I am starting this blog to gain a new perspective on baking and photography. Nowadays, maintaining a blog is a great accomplishment and I would like to partake in the community. With occupations and life duties, I am here trying to push it one more step forward.

I am also hoping this blog will give me enough stucture to continue to cook and bake, and develop my photography skills. Again, it's all about the fear of not finishing something I have started. We'll see.

Also, please pardon me for grammar and structure, I am a French-Canadian trying to reach out to a larger audience.


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